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By Sanghi

America America
wake up wake up
listen listen to the bloody drums
stormed thundered over night and
still hovering over
nursing hidden fire balls
to burst out
swallowing precious lives-
troops on both camps and between
maiming anything that
stands in its ways
spreading thick smoky
stomach turning
throat choking
odor of burning flesh
not much but once
useful shelters and homes
crumbled and crushed
blacken gray of
lumps rubbles and ashes...
fanning amber agonies of
anger and resentment
fermented pressured to roar

America America
wake up wake up
listen to these bloody drums
listen listen
whether you have lost
loved one or not
in these storms
four years
day in and day out
earth shaking sky fuming
terror and horror
the totem pole of
casualties and deaths
staggering high and long
enough to reach Mars
to red carpet down
Martian’s chill winds
how much more torment and tears
do we all need to shed and bear
why are we fueling this war
what was our noble mission and
purpose that we jumped in
these mad storms
why we the nation born and bred
blessed with forefathers’
high individual spirit and right
we the proud promoters of
world peace and human right
now roll around behind SUV
sit back cushiony couches
happy with only clicking
sounds of remote controller and
blasting of TV
handing our all
our right and thinking to
a few insensitive
dragon fire force
loving policy makers
dancing with their cue
financing and helping to
blow and roll out
man-created storm
the horror driven
terror Tsunami bombs in Iraq

what was our commander in chief’s
proclaimed reason
to bring down the tyrants
to punish their crimes
against humanity
free people from oppressors...
four years of
whirling thunders of bombs
front lines and back roads
erupting upsurge of tear terror
paving roads with blood and still...
what have we accomplished

mountain high of
confusions and uncertainities
trapping and knocking
everything on its way
crushing and shaking down
the last drips and grips of
their very livelihood
Is this our idea of peace
Is this what we want in
our back yard

constantly whirling bombarding bombs
plucking up thousands of vital lives
sweeping them down to never return land
the fallen souls of
both camps and between
some happen to live that regions
some moving with commands
believing in noble cause
who gave their last breaths to
the foundation for
peace and well being of
all fellow dwellers on this earth
remember their spirits

their deaths shouldn’t be
icy cold red or black statistics
unfeeling meaningless numbers only
that doesn”t mean we should continuously
fueling these mad-lost cause war
enough is enough
wake up wake up America

we have millennium packed with
history of human affairs
still collecting and dusting
why are we not making use of them
why are we using the same
old out moded methods
displaying and testing
whose sword is sharper and
whose gun power is stronger

America America
wake up wake up
remember who you are
listen listen to
upsurging tear terror bloody
waves of Tsunami bombs
engraved crying words in the air

when did
Hyacinth bulbs you plant
grow as Daffodils
when did
the fallen Cosmos seeds
bloom into Black-eyed Susans
when did
splitting others veins and
planting hatred
blossom into peace

every terror and tears of
fallen souls and between
let it not be wasted as meaningless
we can still plant
a true seed of peace to grow
we can still build
a true river of peace to flow
deep in our minds and hearts and
loving and respecting our unique selves
and not only handful but all lives
actively participating in
making small peace ripples
wherever we might stand

no matter what color of skin
hopes and dreams
you might be carrying
no matter how bleak and bright
your circumstances might be
underneath and beneath
all our external shells
what are we all human beings’
deepest mutual desire
across continent around the globe-
regardless of all the differences
elite or illiterate
rich or poor
young or old
what do we want in our heart
or in your back yard
hatred or love
war or peace
death or life
America America
wake up wake up
listen listen to
your hearts