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The Will to Resist

The Rules of Disengagement


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What Else You Can Do

  1. Spread the Word/Boycott Card – Possibly the most important and easiest thing to do in advancing the Big Three boycott is to make a point to mention it you’re your family and friends. You can download the wallet-sized boycott card that gives guidance on what brands to choose to avoid conflict-gasoline. We will be glad to send you boycott cards in bulk if you want to them handy to pass out individually or to distribute within organizations. Please contact us at info@consumersforpeace.org for bulk quantities. We’ll send 10 free; larger amounts will have a small charge for printing plus postage.
  1. Disengage – Ask churches, colleges, universities, local government agencies and other institutions to not purchase petroleum products from ExxonMobil, Shell and BP and to divest themselves of stock in these companies. Suggest that they reinvest in wind and solar energy, industries that are proving to be profitable as oil prices rise. Please let us know if you make such a request, and we will publicize it.
  1. Write a Letter – Letter-writing can seem a pretty flimsy tool for getting major change, but when similar letters start hitting the desks of companies and politicians they pay attention. This is not only because of the letter itself but because people in business and politics know how hard it is for us to get around to writing letters. So a hand-written letter from one person probably means that a lot more people agree with the letter-writer; it is taken much more seriously than email.

Below are letters that we wrote to ExxonMobil, Shell and BP that you may want to use for guidance. The letters are virtually the same, but they give the appropriate addresses and statistics for each company. Please send a copy of your letter to your U.S. Senators and your Congressperson. This is extra work, but it will have a very significant impact, in large part because politicians rarely get letters on boycotts and because it may well relate to their personal stockholdings and/or contributors. Please send us copies of the responses you get along with your original letter so that we can publish them as a matter of information and to inspire others to write. 

Our address: Consumers for Peace, 1016 Main Street – PMB 111, Peekskill, NY 10566.

  1.  Organize a Protest – Just two or three people with boycott signs in front of an ExxonMobil, Shell or BP station can have a powerful impact. These actions also offer the opportunity to distribute boycott cards. Please let us know of any actions you are planning so they can be listed on the website. We will post videos of all actions as well as written reports.