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I DON'T "Support the Troops"

And I don't support any "benchmarks" for the Iraqis

By Nick Mottern, Director, ConsumersforPeace.org

This is a letter I am sending today to my person in Congress, Nita Lowey D-NY.   I attempted to run against Ms. Lowey in the 1990 Democratic primary because of her support of U.S. attempts to subdue Central American countries.   Here we are 17 years later with our hooks into Iraq, with Ms. Lowey's support.   Attempts to meet with her over the last two months have failed.

Dear Ms. Lowey:

 I am writing to let you know that I do not "support the troops" in Iraq, and that you are not representing me when you vote more money to keep "the troops" in Iraq.        

Hundreds of thousands of troops have been sent to Iraqi blinded by lies.   There they have been and continue to be routinely ordered to take actions against Iraqis that violate not only our Constitution and international law but virtually every norm of religious and civil society.   All "the troops" should know better.

I do not want any of my tax money to support this kind of behavior, regardless of the goal.   I feel no sense of loyalty or obligation to individuals or commanders who are daily destroying Iraqi life and culture.   In fact, I feel a need to take every non-violent step that I can think of to end this behavior.

Ms. Lowey, you know very well that the intention of sending our military into Iraq is to establish a base of deadly force for our long-term manipulation of the Middle East, in part to ensure our oil companies will have long-term, extremely profitable access to oil.

When you and your Democratic and Republican colleagues vote money to "support the troops" you know that you are taking advantage in a dispicable way of the innocence, ignorance, good will and sense of loyalty of "the troops" and the American public.

Furthermore, how can you allow to go unchallenged all this talk in Congress about the need for Iraqis to meet benchmarks?   After killing more than half a million Iraqis, and with the abject suffering being visited on Iraqis by the United States each and every minute, what possible right does the United States have to even make a polite suggestion to one single Iraqi?   What is due from America is simply immediate withdrawal, apology and commitment to reparations, with the latter totally managed by Iraqis.


Nick Mottern

Hastings on Hudson, New York

Posted May 9, 2007

Baghdad before and after

These photos were sent to me by an Iraqi. Please click on the image to see more.