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The Will to Resist

The Rules of Disengagement


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Iraq War a Big Factor in Gasoline Prices

ExxonMobil Shareholders and Management Called on to Urge an End to the Occupation and to Make No Long-term Deals in Occupied Iraq

Hearing to examine health impact of ExxonMobil facilities on the Texas Gulf Coast will be held in Dallas May 27

The following statements are being presented on May 28 at a press conference at the ExxonMobil shareholders meeting in Dallas, Texas:

1. Statement of Nick Mottern, Director, ConsumersforPeace.org
2. Statement of Hassan Juma’a Awad, President, Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU)
3. ExxonMobil – An Appeal to Conscience

The following press release describes the hearing to take testimony of residents of Beaumont and Baytown, Texas, living near ExxonMobil facilities and provides other information on activities planned around the ExxonMobil stockholders meeting: