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On February 15, 2006 ConsumersforPeace.org issued a new version of its popular "Democracy Dollar" featuring a new cartoon on its face created by Sunny Miller, Executive Director of Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

The new cartoon, like the original, shows the character "Democracy Dollar" walking with its friend CITGO away from a snarling tiger, holding missiles in one paw and waving an ExxonMobil banner with the other. But on the new dollar, Miller has added a train, hybrid car, bicycle rider, walkers, a solar building and windmills behind the main characters. And she has added ruins behind the tiger, with a woman in black carrying the body of a child and another body on the ground in front of the ruins. The tiger stands on a cracking piece of blood - spattered real estate entitled Middle East oil.

"So long!," says Democracy Dollar to the tiger, "Gotta have peace."

The wallet-size "dollar" advises consumers to boycott ExxonMobil and to buy CITGO products to achieve the boycott's goals: immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq; and impeachment of George W. Bush. The reverse of the dollar lists products and services of 10 major firms also targeted for boycott because of their connection to ExxonMobil through its board of directors.

The new dollar is issued as conditions worsen in Iraq and citizens look for new ways of increasing the pressure for peace. ExxonMobil War Boycott actions are being planned at ExxonMobil gas stations. And ConsumersforPeace has also organized picketing at other firms connected with ExxonMobil, such as Radisson Hotels and T.G.I. Friday's, firms operated by Carlson Companies. Marilyn Carlson Nelson, chair and ceo of Carlson, sits on the board of ExxonMobil. Picketing will continue to focus on these firms and on products listed on the dollar. For example picketers have discouraged purchase of Viagra, produced by Pfizer Inc. William R. Howell, a director of ExxonMobil, is also a director of Pfizer and war-profiteering Halliburton Co.

"The additions to the new cartoon," Miller said, "are meant to supplement the original message to show that we can not only boycott ExxonMobil but also use foot power, pedal power, mass transit, hybrids and alternative energy sources to help achieve peace." And, she said: "We have added casualties and ruins to emphasize the realities of the Iraq War and our financial role in it.

" Miller, who has been director of Traprock for 10 years, has studied art at Purdue University and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and she has worked as a professional artist, painting portraits and public murals, one of which appears in the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. This is her first cartoon.

The first Democracy Dollar was issued for wide distribution in the last week of December, 2005, with the inauguration of the ConsumersforPeace.org website. The dollars were first put into circulation, however, in September of that year to test their acceptance and popularity. The idea of the "Democracy Dollar" came from Miller, inspired by the Deception Dollar bill produced by 911 Truth.org. The original cartoon is the work of Nick Mottern and Christopher Gendron of Positronic Design in Holyoke, MA; the overall design of the dollar was created by Jennifer Earl, of Positronic. Mottern is coordinator of ConsumersforPeace.org

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